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Top 20 Questions about VA Loans and the Colorado VA Mortgage Program
1 - I want to use my VA eligibility to purchase a new home, can you help me?
   Answer: Absolutely, this is what I do!  
2 - Can I refinance my primary residence using the VA program? 
   Answer: Yes, we have several excellent options to help you save money.  
3 - I don't want to have a mortgage for a full 30 years, are there any other options?
   Answer: Yes, we offer 20 and 15 year terms in addition to the standard 30 year VA loans... also ask me about the bi-weekly program to shorten your term as well. 
4 - I don't live near Denver, can you still handle my loan?
   Answer: Yes, we can close loans anywhere in Colorado with no problem.  
5 - I already applied to another lender for my home loan, do I have to stay with them?
   Answer: No you do not.  You can change your mind and decide who you want to close your loan.  Transferring your loan is an easy process.  
6 - How do I know what interest rate I will get on my new loan?
   Answer: Great question! Interest rates change every day (sometimes every hour) so the day we sign your application we will lock in your loan and give you a rate lock confirmation in WRITING.  To find out about today's rates, click here or call me at 303-809-7769.  
7 - I hate filling out forms online, can I talk to a real person?
   Answer: Absolutely, call me directly at 303-809-7769.  
8 - How will we know exactly what your home is worth? 
   Answer: We will order an appraisal which will be completed by a licensed, certified VA appraiser in your area.  
9 - How much does a VA appraisal cost?
   Answer: This is set by the VA and currently in Colorado they have set the price at $400.  
10 - Can the appraisal be rolled in to the loan?
   Answer:  Unfortunately due to recent changes in the mortgage market you will need to pay for the appraisal at the time of the inspection via check or credit card.
11 - Other than the appraisal, what other fees will I have to pay out of my pocket?  I've spoken with several other lenders who all tell me that they have an application fee (sometimes $500 or more), how much is your application fee? 
   Answer: ZERO.  That's right, I do not charge you for your credit report, rate lock in fee, application fee or any other upfront charges. Other than your appraisal you will have no costs that you will pay out of your pocket. 
12 - How long does the process take?
   Answer: I will have your initial approval within 1 hour of taking your application and we will have your loan closed within 2 weeks.  
13 - I am working with a real estate agent to help me find the right house, is this ok? 
   Answer: No problem!  
14 - Another lender botched my loan, can I transfer my loan to you?  
   Answer: No problem, unfortunately this is a very common problem that I hear.  
15 -  I want to place my loan in your hands, what's next?
   Answer: Call me today! 303-809-7769
16 - I am ready to work with you on my loan, what do I tell my real estate agent?
   Answer: Ask him/her to email a copy of your purchase contract to me at and I will give him/her a call to coordinate.  
17 - Do VA loans have mortgage insurance included in the monthly payment?
   Answer: No, there is no mortgage insurance required on VA loans.  This is one of the many reasons that makes VA loans so beneficial to homeowners.  
18 - I've heard that VA loans have a "funding fee," what is this for? 
   Answer: This is the fee charged by the VA to allow you access to this loan program.  This nominal charge will vary depending on many factors and will be included in the loan so that you are not paying it out of your pocket.  
19 - I am a disabled veteran (service connected), are there any discounts available to me?
   Answer: Yes!  You may qualify to have the VA funding fee waived and you may also qualify to have your Colorado Real Estate Taxes waived.  Click on the Colorado Veterans Benefits page for more details.  
20 - I have some additional questions or my question wasn't listed here, can I call you?
   Answer: Absolutely! Please call me at 303-809-7769 any time.  


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